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State-Line Motorcycle Ministry Feb. 10 Newsletter

Upcoming Rallies
Answers to Prayers
Prayer Requests
Postponed Auction
Financial Report


April 11 - I will be holding a Sunday service for ABATE during a nationwide convention here in Greenville. They have asked me to pray at the main dinner Saturday night and hold a service on Sunday. There will be many unsaved bikers there from all over the United States. This will be a great opportunity to get the Gospel out.

April 23 -25 - Cherokee Rally, Cherokee, NC. The manager told me last Sept. that I can't set up there any more.  Please pray that God will change his mind. We have set up there for the past 13 years and have established a good ministry there. I have emailed him in the hope that he will change his mind.

May 11-16 - Myrtle Beach Rally, I am not sure if we are going this year. Myrtle Beach passed some laws last year which are against SC laws. They are targeted towards bikers. We are waiting for the court's decision which should take place in the next couple of weeks. Last years rally was boycotted by the bikers and our ministry came to a halt

May 28-31 – Rolling Thunder - Washington DC. We always have great opportunities to witness there.

June 4-5 - Southern Throttle Rally - here in Greenville. This is the first year for this rally. Pray that we will be able to setup there in the right spot.


God has answered our prayers concerning our storefront building at 2327 B North Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville across from Home Depot. We will be able to stay where we are. God is mighty.


1. Chuck & Debra for salvation
2. Pray for Fatboy and Bubbles
3. Steve to get back in fellowship with God
4. Pray for Albie, he is on pain medicine and needs to get off of it.  It is addictive and habit forming.  He needs to be saved, too.  He called me the other day and told me that he does not like his life.  I witnessed to him, and I believe God is dealing with him, but please pray that he will listen to what God is saying to him and respond to the Holy Spirit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Postponed Auction

We have postponed the auction until the fall or this time next year. Please tell everyone about this.

We decided that we needed to have more time to plan and make the auction more interesting.  As we can, we will be telling you about some of the things that will be in the auction.


$5000.00 - Monthly Budget
$4150.00 - Monthly Giving

$ 850.00 - Shortfall



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