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Our Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the STATE-LINE MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY INC. is to evangelize, minister and disciple all people with the primary emphasis of reaching for Jesus Christ those who call themselves, "bikers"; that is those who actively pursue a lifestyle that is centered around the motorcycle and who are, themselves, motorcycle riders or associates of such people.

The members of the STATE-LINE MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY INC. are all believers in Biblical Christianity, and as Christians who have personally experienced the new life through the shed blood of Jesus Christ; who have been obedient to follow the Lord in Biblical baptism; who are committed to carrying the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world they have organized themselves to minister to the biker community.

The ministry of the STATE-LINE MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY INC. will be to attend many of the special activities that are held by biker communities throughout the country and while attending do all they can to testify of Jesus Christ to each person, and to tell the good news, and to minister to other Christian bikers.

The ministry will include: a tract distribution ministry; a ministry to direct the saved into Christ centered Biblical church ministries; a Bible study ministry; the organization of a coffee house ministry in the Greenville area to which all bikers local and transient may come. In addition, the ministry will include sponsoring several retreats for bikers during the year where bikers will be taught from the Word of God and/or encouraged in the faith.

The STATE-LINE MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY INC. will minister to the biker by themselves attending, on a regular basis, "swap meets", "Bike Week", and any other assemblies relative to bikers.

Since the primary goals of this ministry is to evangelize those who are generally not reached by the gospel, funds will have to be raised for these evangelists on wheels, that they may afford the expenses of travel, maintenance and repair of their equipment ("wheels"), while ministering to bikers. Additional funds will be needed to provide for the expenses of the coffee house ministry. Those expenses will include the rent of a building, appropriate furniture expenses of utilities, food, literature, etc.

The coffee house will provide a place for bikers to come and be nurtured, encouraged, and taught of the love of God and His concern for them individually. The coffee house will provide individual counseling, Bible studies, a safe haven free of drugs and alcohol, and a place where bikers can rest and recuperate, and a place of encouragement. Christ will clearly be the central theme in that place.

Finally, the ministry will encourage bikers to become active members in local churches. This will require that churches be open to accept bikers as they are, while having a heart to meet their needs and minister to them as individuals.

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