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State-Line Motorcycle Ministry Jan 2015 Newsletter

Lobby Day With ABATE

Lobby Day is on a Tuesday in January each year, so there are not many bikers going to this event because most have to work.  This year about 100 bikers showed up from all over the state of South Carolina. We had 7 from Greenville go to Columbia to see our state representatives. Fatboy and I had some opportunities to witness to those who were not saved. It rained that day, and we went up in cars. This gave us more time to talk with those who rode with us. It takes an hour and a half to get there plus the return trip.

Upcoming Rallies

Please pray for each of our upcoming rallies. We want to see souls saved and help those who are out of fellowship with God. We praise God for the money which came in for the other rallies which we have attended so far.

Here are the dates of the up coming rallies and their cost:

Bike Week Rally March 8-15 $1,284.13
Cherokee Rally May 1-3 $387.00
Rolling Thunder Rally May 22-26 $477.00

If God speaks to your heart about giving to us, you can send a check at the address below or go to our website ( and use a credit card or paypal.

Day Runs

Last year every Day Run we put on was rained out. We are praying as we plan the Day Runs for this year that they will be great days to ride so we can witness to those who come.

Our Day Runs are setup so we can invite the unsaved and get to know them and look for opportunities to witness. We start with a service and leave to ride an average 120 to 200 mile run for that day with 2 stops out and 2 stops back. Half way out we stop to eat. This has given us many opportunities to witness and get to know new people. This has worked well with us.

Prayer Requests

1. Continue to pray for Rick & his wife.
2. That we will have many opportunities to witness and see many come to Christ

Financial Report

$5,834.00 - Budget To Date (Jan. 2015)
$5,189.15 - Giving To Date  (Jan. 2015)

$5,189.15 - Monthly Giving (Jan.)

Glenn Taylor
State-Line Motorcycle Ministry
155 E Mountain Creek Rd
Greenville, SC 29609

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