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State-Line Motorcycle Ministry July Newsletter




I had an accident on June 30 where I slipped off a trailer and fell to our garage floor. I was rushed to Easley Baptist Hospital and found out that I had broken my leg bone completely (Femur). It was near the top and the doctor said it was at the worst spot to have a break. They had to do major surgery and put a rod the complete length to set the bones together. I was in the Hospital for a week before they let me go home.

They said it will take 13 weeks for me to get back to normal! During the time home my leg swelled up and had to be checked, and they found 3 blood clots and I have to deal with them as well.

Please keep me in prayer for a fast recovery and to keep the ministry going at the same time. I have several people preaching for me for the next couple of weeks. This accident has also kept me from trying to raise the much needed money for our budget.

God has never let me down and I know He will bless in His time. Please pray for this, as it is normally a very busy time for me with SLMM.


Glenn Taylor
State-Line Motorcycle Ministry
139 Saluda View Dr
Easley,SC 29640
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